About the Island

There are 3 townships on North Stradbroke Island: Dunwich, Amity, and Point Lookout.

Experience the towns of Straddie

Each small town is very different; they have located about 20km apart and are accessible via sealed roads.


Dunwich is the gateway to the island by ferry and water taxi and has a range of cafes, shops, and services. It’s a historical town with a rich heritage. Make sure you stop and visit the museum, the Salt Water Murri Gallery, and the historical cemetery. Dunwich is also close to the North Stradbroke Island Golf Club, Brown Lake (Bummeira), and Blue Lake (Karboora).




Amity Point

Amity Point is a small seaside village that enjoys beautiful sunsets over the bay. Here the waters are calm and the area is a favorite place for spotting dolphins and pelicans.  Amity is great for kayaking or, if you love fishing, “putting the tinny in”, or perhaps throwing a line in from the jetty. If that catch of the day eludes you don’t worry, there’s plenty of seafood to be had at Amity from Seashells Café or Rufus King Seafood.

Point Lookout

Point Lookout is popular for its magnificent surf beaches, land-based whale watching from the headland, beautiful North Gorge walk, retail shops, restaurants and holiday accommodation with stunning views of the Coral Sea.  Point Lookout has a real, no-fuss, beach holiday vibe; the way holidays used to be.

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Island Townships

Experience the towns of Straddie

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Straddie's Marine Turtles

The bay and ocean waters around North Stradbroke Island contain 6 of the world's 7 species of marine turtles!

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