Island Weddings

Straddie hosts the best weddings.

If you are looking for that perfect Destination Wedding.. look no further….

Not only do we have the most stunning settings for your special day, but Straddie also has a host of specialist service providers for weddings; from event stylists to portaloo hire; musicians to celebrants; hair stylists to photographers. There’s no need to worry about bringing services and supplies over, it’s all here.

Our weddings and event planners understand that no two weddings are the same and can offer the simplest of ceremonies to the most elaborate of occasions. Their imaginations are limitless, but all are tailored to your budget.

So just relax, smile, and enjoy your day…. or why not make the fun last a whole week?

Browse our listings of event planners, photographers, celebrants, musicians, caterers, hire venues, equipment hire services, cake specialists, florists, and hairstylists here: Event Planning

Explore North Stradbroke Island

How to get to Straddie

All water taxis & ferries to the Island and getting around Straddie

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Quandamooka Country

Our Country, Our People, Protocols

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Island History

The Island has a very rich history

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About the Island

Yura! Welcome to North Stradbroke Island, affectionately known as Straddie, or Minjerribah as it is traditionally known.

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Island Townships

Experience the towns of Straddie

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Pets on Straddie

Your furry friend can travel with you on both the water taxi and vehicle ferry.

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Straddie's Native Wildlife

Straddie is a wildlife wonderland hosting 450 native animals.

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Straddie's Marine Turtles

The bay and ocean waters around North Stradbroke Island contain 6 of the world's 7 species of marine turtles!

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