Pets on Straddie

Can I bring my dog to Straddie?

Straddie is a truly unique and special place. It has been isolated from the mainland since the last sea level rise 8,000 years ago. Compared to surrounding areas on the mainland it has relatively little development, with large tracts of continuous wildlife habitat encompassing some rare and precious ecosystems. There are many iconic wildlife species that call Straddie home and can be found throughout the island, including in your backyard. You will see kangaroos grazing peacefully on the footpaths and verges in Point Lookout. When you walk through Amity or Dunwich, look up, and you are guaranteed to see a koala resting in the fork of a gum tree. Look and listen for the whistling kites, brahminy kites, osprey, and sea eagles soaring high above you on Flinders and Main beaches; not to mention the many other bird species you are likely to see.  Marine wildlife is abundant too, female turtles come here to lay their eggs on our beaches over the summer months, sea birds frequent our shores and we occasionally have seals haul out to rest.

None of these species have evolved to deal with being chased or attacked by a domestic dog or cat. Therefore, it is our responsibility to make sure that man’s best friend is suitably controlled… always. Even the best behaved and most well-trained pets can’t resist ‘the chase’: it is built into their DNA; it’s instinct. Your beloved family pet may not be used to seeing kangaroos hopping around and curlews resting under bushes.

During holiday time, the number of dogs on the island increases dramatically. This, combined with more traffic and people puts immense stress on our precious wildlife. Our local wildlife rescue volunteer group, Wildcare Straddie, sees more than 240 injured wildlife cases every year that are the direct result of car strikes or domestic pet attacks. Most of these animals sustain horrendous injuries and do not survive. Unfortunately, there is always a spike in the number of these cases seen during holiday times.

We see kangaroos and koalas that have been mauled by dogs. We see dogs chasing kangaroos; sometimes into oncoming traffic and our native wildlife becomes so frightened, sometimes they die from stress.  Most have been traumatized in some way, been injured by a car, dog or cat, or have lost a mother.
We have occasions where, due to situations beyond their control, people have lost their dogs on the island and have had to leave before being reunited. This, as you can imagine is disastrous not only for the family pet but also for the native wildlife.

We want to keep Straddie a pet-friendly destination, therefore we do insist you follow the rules and control your pet.

On which beaches am I allowed to take my dog?

You can take your dog LEASH ON on the following beaches:

Main Beach, Flinders Beach (except for Amity Point end where restrictions apply, please read below), Deadman’s Beach, and Frenchman’s Beach.

Important: Flinders Beach and Amity Point foreshore (at Ballow Street) are not dog off-leash areas. Dogs must be on-leash at all times in these locations and are not allowed in the prohibited area between Geeera Street and the Amity Point access to Flinders Beach.



Is there an OFF-LEASH area I can take my dog to?

Skatebowl Park, Dunwich
Barton Street (between the skate bowl and the fenced-off area), Dunwich. Unfenced, no drinking water, shelter, or seating.

Home Beach, Point Lookout
In front of the Point Lookout Hotel (between Rocky Point and the Rocky Headland), Point Lookout. Unfenced, beach access where dogs can go in the water, no drinking water, shelter, or seating.

Are dogs allowed on Stradbroke Island?

Yes, dogs are allowed on Stradbroke Island. Your furry friend can travel with you on both the water taxi and vehicle ferry. You’ll also find several dog-friendly accommodation options at Point Lookout and Amity Point, as well as foreshore camping sites on Main and Flinders Beach that permit pets.




Pet-friendly Accommodation

If you are staying in pet-friendly accommodation on Straddie, your pet must be contained during the time spent in the

house or apartment ie: if the property is fenced, the animal must be kept inside the fence at all times when at the property, kept on a leash, or kept indoors if not fenced and the owner permits.

If you are staying at one of Straddie Camping’s sites throughout the island, you can bring two dogs per campsite to the beach camping areas of Flinders Beach and Main Beach. Dogs are allowed in the township Camping Grounds. It is imperative that your animal be kept on a leash at all times in the campsite and whilst on the beaches.



short-coated grey and white dog

Places prohibited to dogs at all times

  • The foreshore and seashore that is in front of the swimming enclosures.
  • At Cylinder Beach: The foreshore, seashore, and reserve between the foreshore and the roads abutting the reserve.
  • At Main Beach: The foreshore and seashore between a point northeast of Plant 7 Road and the access road adjacent to the Point Lookout Surf Lifesaving Club.
  • At Flinders Beach: The foreshore and seashore from Amity Point access to Geera Street, Amity Point.
  • At Brown Lake and of course anywhere in the Naree Budjong Djara National Park (that includes Blue Lake).


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