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Straddie is a wildlife wonderland. It is home to land mammals including wallabies, kangaroos, echidnas, koalas and bandicoots. Reptiles include turtles, tortoise and lizards. There are several frog species and hundreds of bird species from raptors to honeyeaters and migratory wading birds. Marine mammals include whales, dolphins and dugong. Koalas can be spotted in the branches of trees, kangaroos are often seen feeding on dune grass at sunrise and sunset, and keep an eye out to sea for all sorts of marine life.

The Gorge Walk is an excellent place to glimpse a ray or a turtle. Feeding wildlife is not advised as it can compromise their lifestyle & health. Please respect wild animals and if you bring a dog or cat to the Island please keep it under your strict supervision at all times.

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Images courtesy of Laurie Webkie


North Stradbroke Island