Samadhi Flow Yoga with Kat Ford

Samadhi Flow Yoga with Kat Ford

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Samadhi Flow Yoga is an organic blend of nature-inspired Vinyasa yoga, yogic breathing and intuitive movement.

Kat, with over 12yrs experience, guides you through fun, fluid sequences to release stress, muscle tension and emotional blockages and encourages optimum health and inner peace. The classes flow with the rhythms and forms of the elements of nature creating a space for intuitive movement and expansion of the heart.

This style of yoga is ideal for: back, neck & spinal health, core strength, relaxation, fitness, boosting your immune system, hormonal balance and caters for beginners to advanced.

Samadhi Flow Yoga strengthens and tones your body, but at the same time the movement feels so good and comes so naturally that you flow into a meditative state, a higher consciousness, bliss…



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Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 17:30
Wednesday: Closed
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Sunday: Closed

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    Samadhi Flow Yoga with Kat Ford


Community Hall, Point Lookout, QLD 4183