Relax Weekend

Slow down... relax .... reconnect with loved ones and friends, go for beach walks, eat well & breathe...

Come over Friday, make the most of the weekend

Make dinner reservations at Whales Way Restaurant to unwind on Friday night. Saturday morning, instead of rushing around home packing, you'll already be here. Take a walk on the beach or around the Gorge Walk before breakfast at Fishes at the Point.

Drive to Blue Lake Walk

from Point Lookout • 30 minutes

Hike in Naree Budjong Djara National Park

Blue Lake is an area of special significance for Quandamooka people who call it Karboora, meaning ‘deep silent pool’. Walk the 5.2km (return) track to the Lake through Naree Budjong Djara National Park. Afterwards, stop for lunch at Island Fruit Barn in Dunwich, you won't regret it.

Drive to Point Lookout

from Dunwich • 20 minutes

Saturday night drinks, dinner and dancing

After an afternoon of relaxing, take a sunset stroll on Home Beach and then it's time to party. The Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel Restaurant & Bar boasts a supreme view, frosty beers or cocktails, a great dinner menu and live music most Saturday nights.

Tillers Pantry & Cafe

Walk or Drive

Sunday breakfast & local markets

Enjoy a gourmet breakfast at Tillers Pantry & Cafe. The Point Lookout Markets are across the road on alternative Sunday mornings. If the markets aren't on, walk a little further to Noreen's Seaside Shop or visit Mintee St at the top of Point Lookout for an array of boutique, island-style shopping.

Drive to Amity Point

from Point Lookout • 20 minutes

Before going home visit Amity Point

Dolphins are often seen off the jetty at Amity, and koalas are common to spot in the trees. For lunch, Seashells Cafe offers take away fish and chips to eat overlooking the water or dine in at a shady verandah table.

Drive to the barge in Dunwich

from Amity Point • 20 minutes