St. Mark’s Church


Built in 1907, St Mark’s Anglican Church was another integral structure of the Benevolent Asylum. Before St Mark’s was built, church services for inmates were held in Victoria Hall, the main assembly facility.Lady Chelmsford, the wife of the Governor of Queensland at the time, is reported to have donated the money for the construction of the church after she visited the Benevolent Asylum and was shocked to find the inmates had no place of worship. The church was designed by prominent architect Robin Dods and the first chaplain was Reverend W Richner.After the Benevolent Asylum closed, the church continued to be used by local residents. In 1973, the building was condemned by the Redland Shire Council, however the Stradbroke residents successfully united to raise funds to carry out emergency repair works and save the church from demolition in the 1990s. Listed on the Queensland Heritage Register and the Register of the National Trust of Queensland.

Address: 1 Ballow Road, Dunwich, QLD 4183