Post Office Dunwich


DUNWICH POST OFFICE is a privately owned, fully licensed Post Office located at 3 Welsby Street, Dunwich.

Mark and Paula Krause­-Richardson have completely transformed the business into a positive and fun retail outlet. Mark has been able to use his extensive background in the retail sector to take advantage of the Australia Post retail side and has packed the busy Dunwich Post Office with stacks of products.

You will find so much more than just stamps and envelopes at this Post Office. Mark and Paula are stocking some of Australia Posts biggest selling items, with everything from sewing machines to self-inflating beds! The list of products and services is vast:-

  • The island’s best range of mobile phones and accessories
  • Banking and bill-paying services with over 80 institutions.
  • Office equipment, printers, inks, shredders, printers, paper, laminators, etc.
  • Their real specialty is in stocking items you wouldn’t think you would find at a Post Office, such as; cooking appliances, TV’s DVD players, binoculars, walkie-talkies, radios, torches, batteries, books, kids’ toys, backpacks, umbrellas, and lots, lots more.
  • Anything in the Australia Post monthly catalogs that they don’t have they will get for you. And there are no postage or handling charges!
Address: 3 Welsby Street, Dunwich, QLD 4183