Point Lookout Lighthouse


As early as 1825 Point Lookout was seen as a potential site for a lighthouse. However, a lighthouse was not built until 1932. Construction material and acetylene cylinders for the flame were ferried to a temporary jetty on what is now known as Cylinder Beach. A hut to store the cylinders was constructed in the eastern corner of the bay. After the lighthouse was built, the cylinders were replaced every 12 months, with 12 required each year to supply the light. By 1942 the cylinders were unloaded at Amity Point rather than Cylinder Beach and transported across the Island. The storage hut at Cylinder Beach was no longer needed and was dismantled but the cement base of the hut remains on site. When the liberty ship Rufus King ran aground in 1942 on the South Passage Bar, the captain claimed he mistook the red and white Point Lookout lighthouse for the Cape Moreton Lighthouse, which was also painted red and white. To avoid future confusion, the Point Lookout lighthouse was painted white and the Moreton lighthouse was painted with alternate red and white bands.

Address: Lucinda Crescent, Point Lookout, QLD 4183