Flinders Beach (Point Lookout)


Flinders Beach is an 8 km long, northeast to the north-facing beach, stretching from Amity Point to Adder Rock headland, Point Lookout. There is vehicle access to the beach toward the western end along Flinder’s Beach Road, which also leads to a camping area and car park, and in the east at Adder Rock, where there is also a beachfront camping ground. The beach has a relatively low gradient and is either barless or fronted by a narrow continuous bar, particularly toward the east. Seaward of the bar, sand moves from east to west in the form of elongated sand waves and bars, which result in a highly variable outer surf zone. During high swell, a strong westerly drift runs along and off the beach.

The swamp drains out to the ocean in several spots along Flinders Beach, always check water depth visually or physically prior to driving through. Ensure you have a valid vehicle permit and are aware of the conditions of use before beach driving. After or during unusually large directional ocean swell there can be unpassable spots along Flinders Beach.

Generally low to moderate waves along a dynamic beachfront. Flinders Beach is not patrolled, the safest swimming is at the patrolled Cylinder Beach. Be careful of strong westerly drift and rips, when waves exceed 1m.

Can offer right-handers off Adder Rock headland at the Point Lookout end.

A range of holes and gutters are associated with the bars and sand waves. Flinders can hold whiting, tailor, and dart.

On leash at all times.

Type: Non-formal – 6 spaces

Content based on www.beachsafe.org.au – SLSA and www.redland.qld.gov.au

SLSA provides this information as a guide only. Surf conditions are variable and therefore this information should not be relied upon as a substitute for observation of local conditions and an understanding of your abilities in the surf. SLSA reminds you to always swim between the red and yellow flags and never swim at unpatrolled beaches.

Address: Point Lookout, QLD 4183