North Stradbroke Island is a fantastic location to ride a bicycle and explore the diverse landscape. When planning a trip to the island, some care should be taken due to the terrain and riding environment.

Cyclists can expect to find sand if venturing off sealed roads. Certain unsealed roads are restricted, please observe regulatory notices.

East Coast Road is the main road linking Island townships. This road is undulating and has narrow shoulders. Cyclists can expect to encounter heavy vehicles and four-wheel drives (4WD’s). The road offers a challenging ride and is suitable for experienced sport and touring cyclists with an above-average level of fitness. Council does not recommend the use of East Coast Road by young or inexperienced cyclists as this road experiences sustained use by heavy industrial vehicles and is considered hazardous.

The road to Brown Lake and Blue Lake National Park is undulating with narrow shoulders, cyclists can expect to encounter heavy vehicles and four-wheel drives.

Island beaches are used by 4WD vehicles. Cyclists can access and ride on Island beaches and this is best done at low tide, however, care should be taken to follow road rules and indicate your intentions to stop or turn left or right. 4WD vehicles may be traveling at high speeds. Be visible and predictable in your behavior.

Cyclists should take sufficient water and food when cycling on the Island. Cyclists can expect hot conditions when riding in summer. When cycling on sand it is advisable to reduce tire pressure and use wider tires.

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