Weaver Paula Boo

Weaver Paula Boo

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Paula Boo is a musician, a weaver, and an ecologist.

She first came to Australia as a backpacker from Canada in 1989 and since moving to Australia in the early 1990’s, North Stradbroke  Island has been her home.

A workshop at the 2006  Dreaming Festival, held at Woodford, sparked Paula’s interest in weaving. She made her first basket with her friend, Anaheke Metua, sitting on Cylinder Beach at Straddie. Ever since Paula has continued to explore and learn the methods of traditional weavers, whom she respects as powerful women and men, determined to maintain their cultural stories and ancient art forms.

Paula loves the variety of techniques, styles, and materials used in weaving. She mainly works with natural fibres such as banana, palm sheaths, palm fronds, Lomandra, Yunggalre, hemp, raffia and various weedy vines, but sometimes incorporates rope and other found materials.

Paula’s ongoing enjoyment with weaving across various cultures is about sharing her knowledge with others whilst learning new techniques that will enable contemporary expressions of weaving as a vital art form.

By appointment, Paula conducts 3-hour workshops for a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8 people. $40 per person. Cash only.

The four baskets pictured are being shown in the “Island Made” Exhibition at Russell Island 2-5pm Tuesday to Saturday until the 24th September 2016.



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