Lines in the Sand

Lines in the Sand

per person

A fluid calendar of nature art actions, ecological conversations and workshops.

A new direction for Lines in the Sand, Nature Art Connect takes the best parts of the festival and packages them into a year-round offer.
The focus is on Nature Art which is a contemporary art style using elements found in nature to make art in harmony with nature.

NATURE ART CONNECT is ideal for:
•    REWARDING your corporate team
•    DELIGHTING your conference delegates and their partners
•    CREATING art inspired by nature
•    EDUCATING your academic or special interest group
•    DISCOVERING the hidden wonders of Minjerribah with friends
•    GIVING your family a digital detox, while connecting with nature
•    LEAVING your urban environment far behind
•    FEEDING your curiosity about island culture
•    INVESTING in sustainable nature-based tourism



Opening Hours

Held annually


North Stradbroke Island, QLD 4183


North Stradbroke Island, QLD 4183