Straddie's Beaches

Beaches & Swimming

Straddie is blessed with over half a dozen stunning beaches that are popular with the Straddie visitor.  From bay-side beaches and tidal flat beaches in Dunwich to the surf beaches at Point Lookout, you’ll find a spot just perfect for you. Some are patrolled and others stretch for kilometres into the sea haze with nothing man-made as far as the eye can see. Swimming is recommended at patrolled beaches only or in the designated enclosed areas at Dunwich and Amity.  Dogs are allowed on some beaches.

On the western side of the island, around the township of Dunwich, there are a number of tidal beaches. Enjoy the sandy shoreline and bay waters at high tide, or explore the mud flats at low tide.

Although the water rises and falls with the tide at Amity Point, the deep Rainbow Channel runs off the shore and there is always water. The swimming enclosure beach near the jetty is safe for swimming and Toompany Beach, facing the south of Moreton Island is always stunning for a wild walk.

Five main beaches provide fishing, surfing and water opportunities at Point Lookout. These are Main Beach which is 32km long and often good for surfing, Cylinder Beach which is a protected swimming beach with a generally smaller swell, Home Beach which is popular with dog walkers, Frenchman's Beach and Deadman's Beach with rock pools but no lifesaving service, and Flinders Beach which offers good fishing and beach camping.