2018 Marketing Campaign

Where a trip becomes tradition: 2018 Marketing Campaign Case Study

The Challenge

In June 2018, as part of a wider marketing initiative for North Stradbroke Island, a targeted marketing campaign was launched with a goal to drive awareness of the destination and revisitation among tourists.

The campaign involved a research grant conducted by the University of Queensland, which showed that over 73% of tourists who visited North Stradbroke Island for a holiday returned on multiple occasions. With this insight, the premise of the marketing campaign was developed—branding North Stradbroke Island as a destination that travellers want to visit again and again, with the messaging; ‘Where a trip becomes tradition’.

The insight

The campaign involved a series of destination photographs accompanied by long and short form video that was distributed across paid social channel, programmatic media, and above the line marketing channels such as radio and outdoor advertising. The media embraced the culture of North Stradbroke Island, featuring voice overs from regular Straddie visitors as well as a soundtrack written and performed by local musicians from North Stradbroke Island. These features, accompanied by the breathtaking visuals of North Stradbroke Island come together to paint an authentic picture of the unique experience that Straddie has to offer.

The results

The ‘Where a trip becomes tradition’ received financial support from the Queensland Government, with a spokesperson speaking of their confidence that the campaign will act as a catalyst to inspire and attract more visitors and economic growth: “With sand mining ending on the island, the Queensland Government wants to transition the island’s economy to new and more sustainable industries, including tourism, that will stimulate business development, increase economic activity and create jobs.”

The North Stradbroke Island Co-operative Marketing Program will continue to build on the success of the 2018 campaign, ‘Where a trip becomes tradition’.


With the momentum of the 2018 campaign driving interest and foot traffic to the island, as well as digital traffic to the North Stradbroke Island website, the co-operative program is a valuable opportunity for your business to grow with the support of North Stradbroke Island, and the Queensland Government.