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Passenger Ferries

High Speed Water Taxis

Two companies Stradbroke Ferries and the Stradbroke Flyer run hourly between 4.55am and 7.25pm with a break from 1.55pm to 3.25pm.

Each has a separate terminal at Toondah Harbour, Cleveland and Stradbroke Ferries dock at Dunwich main terminal and the Flyer at One Mile Jetty, Dunwich. They run at the same times so make sure you’re at the right place for your ticket!

The passenger ferries take 25 minutes. When you arrive at Dunwich on North Stradbroke Island, the passenger ferries link with buses to Point Lookout and at certain times the buses travel to Amity Point – check the timetable for details. Note the bus doesn’t connect with the last ferry at night so you would need to book a taxi 0408 193 685.

You can also “walk on” to the vehicle ferries at a reduced rate.

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